Partner Retail Services


Growing our partners’ businesses
with aligned recruitment of great people

  • Taking the time to understand your business recruitment needs
  • Values and behaviour-based selection process
  • Utilising all major CV databases
  • Market leading time to offer

Partner Retail Services

At Partner Retail Services, we believe in providing exceptional service to both our clients and candidates.

We take a personalised and consultative approach, taking the time to understand their unique needs and requirements.

This approach ensures that we provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients and candidates.

We have a team of experienced recruiters who possess deep industry knowledge and expertise.

Our team has worked in various industries, and this knowledge enables us to provide valuable insights and advice to our clients and candidates, helping them make informed decisions.

Partner Retail Services

We offer a wide range of services, from sourcing candidates to onboarding and post-placement support.

We also provide value-added services such as salary benchmarking, market insights, and talent mapping, which provide additional value to our clients.
Our strong candidate network is one of our biggest assets.

We have established relationships with top talent across various industries and have access to passive candidates who are not actively looking for new opportunities.

This approach allows us to connect our clients with top talent that is not available through traditional job postings.

Partner Retail Services

We follow best practices and adhere to industry standards, ensuring that both candidates and clients are treated fairly and with respect.

We maintain open communication throughout the recruitment process, providing regular updates to our clients and candidates.

Our success is reflected in the testimonials and referrals from our clients and candidates.

We have helped businesses of all sizes and industries connect with top talent and fill critical roles.

Partner Retail Services delivers because of the personalized and consultative service we provide, deep industry knowledge and expertise, wide range of services, strong candidate network, transparent and ethical approach, and track record of success.

We stand out in a crowded industry by offering unique value to both candidates and clients.

By continuing to provide exceptional service and expertise, our agency will continue to grow and help businesses and job seekers achieve their goals.